About Archana

Dr. Archana Pandey completed her Graduation with Fine Arts in 1991 and continued her Post Graduation  (MA) in Fine Arts (199). The same year she cleared the UGC-NET (National Eligibility Test).

Putting the imagination and the years of experience of painting, which as an Artist she had gathered since her childhood, she began to paint her soul’s symphony on canvas. From one painting to another, she kept on expressing not just herself but the people around too.

After her Post Graduation, she did her Doctorate Degree in the same domain and opted the research topic “Contribution of Gita Press and its Artists in the field of Spiritual and Cultural Paintings” for her PhD and was awarded the degree by the then Governor of Uttar Pradesh.

She defines that paintings are an expression of the mind and soul. She has extensive experience in painting with all types of colours like watercolour, acrylic colour, oil colour, opaque colour, gotchi colour etc..

The collection displayed on the website is the painstaking work of the last 15-20 years.

The Artist used to put these paintings on exhibitions across the state and sold many at valuable prices, but moving on with time decided to put her art on display on the Internet as well for people to see, experience and feel what she sees in those paintings.

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